Client Comments


“When you’ve been focused on success in your career for so long that you’ve lost touch with what makes you really light up, it’s great to have a coach like Lori to guide the way. Lori helped my discovery process along with her skilled coaching approach and helped me gain clarity about what was next for me. Whether you’re ready for an immediate change or wish to make a plan for your future next steps, she can help get you there. Working with Lori challenged me to look inward and remove the static that got in the way of finally making my dream future a reality.”

Tina Meilleur
Leadership and Business Mentor
President of DesignYourSuccess
Chapter Chair of Women’s Presidents Organization
New Orleans, LA


“I would highly recommend Lori Johnson for professional coaching. As an executive in transition, Lori helped me sort out my priorities and get clear on what I wanted to do next and identify the steps I needed to take to accomplish my goals. It was not just about being successful, she also asked me thought provoking questions to make sure I was aligning with my purpose. Her own accomplished career as an executive in both technology and health care bring expertise and a unique understanding combined with her life coaching credentials. Lori offers sound advice and coaching skills along while creating a safe place to share one’s most personal thoughts and feelings.”

Cindi Parmenter
Parmenter and Company
Nashville, TN


“As a ‘mom’ returning to the working world, I looked to Lori for coaching. We spent time with self-exploration exercises and had engaging conversations about the next phase of my career.  I needed to dedicate this time to develop myself again as I prepared for a full-time job search.  Lori helped me with very pragmatic items like creating a new resume to reflect my life’s work and held me accountable to move forward and network within the community.  She was encouraging and I am grateful for the service she provided me.  I really needed to work with a coach like Lori to help me gear up for a big challenge.  I now have a wonderful full-time position through the evolution of the steps I took with her, the investment I made in myself, and the carved-out time I took to focus on my plan for this big life change.”

       Molly Waller
       Business Development Manager
       Comfort Keepers
       Peoria, IL