If you’re a successful high-achieving leader seeking to find more fulfillment and balance in your life, I can help!  I offer three core programsWHAT’S NEXT, MAKE YOUR MOVE, and FIND YOUR BALANCE. These unique programs are individually customized to help high-achieving leaders find new inspiration, feel more joy, and move into the future with purpose!

Are you feeling stuck or uninspired in your career?  Feeling like it’s time for a change, but are not certain about your next steps?  Is there a looming life transition in your future, such as empty nest or retirement?  This program can help!

WHAT’S NEXT is a six-week facilitated journey in self-discovery that will help you clarify your goals and develop an action plan built upon your values, strengths and priorities. This proprietary program contains a powerful three-step process that was developed by master coach Michele Woodward that has proven highly effective in helping increase self-awareness and laying out a plan for taking action that is aligned with your goals and values.  The program includes:

  • Pre-work assessments to identify your strengths and values
  • Six 60-minute coaching sessions delivered over six weeks
  • All program materials, including assessments and worksheets.

What’s Next Personalized Program program price  is $1000 ***

***Summer Special – sign up by 9/1/23 and receive a 25% discount!

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Are you ready for your next move?  Whether you’re an experienced executive looking for a confidential sounding board, or an aspiring leader looking for a business-savvy mentor to increase your effectiveness and confidence, I can help you take your leadership to the next level. MAKE YOUR MOVE is a customized executive coaching program which is built upon a foundation of self-awareness, including a clear understanding of your leadership strengths and core values.  We will then define your desired vision, and develop a strengths-based action plan that we will continually review and refine as you move toward your desired next step.

Make Your Move is a three-month executive coaching package which includes:

  • Pre-work assessments to identify your strengths, values and leadership style
  • One 60-minute assessment review and initial planning session
  • Six 60-minute results-focused coaching sessions by phone or Skype (2x/month)
  • One 60-minute 90 day results review and go-forward planning session
  • Email support between sessions

Make Your Move package price  is $1200***

***Summer Special – enroll by 9/1/23 and receive a 25% discount!

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Are you constantly putting yourself at the bottom of your never-ending to-do list, with no time or energy left at the end of the day to do things you used to love to do, that would relax and recharge you? If you’re tired of running on empty, FIND YOUR BALANCE  will help you learn how to increase your energy, improve your resilience and enjoy increased work/life effectiveness and fulfillment.

This program is based on Mayo Clinic’s evidence-based wellness curriculum, which is accredited by the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching.  This program incorporates the same tools and techniques which are utilized in Mayo’s Executive Wellness Program, and have been proven to achieve results in establishing lasting positive behavior change.

This is a three-month program, and includes:

  • Pre-work assessments to identify your strengths and values, plus your motivation and vision for change
  • One 60 minute initial goal-planning session to review your strengths and values and establish your personalized wellness vision
  • Eight 30 minute follow up calls to assess goal progress and needed tweaks
  • One 60 minute closing session to review results and to facilitate ongoing progress

Find Your Balance program price is $1200***

***Summer Special – enroll by 9/1/23 and receive a 25% discount!

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Are you interested in learning more about coaching, and how it might benefit you?  Are you unsure which program might be right for you, or perhaps looking for a personalized coaching package specifically tailored to your needs?

Schedule a free 30 minute call with me, and I’ll be happy to tell you more about my programs and coaching style, so that you can decide if coaching is right for you!  

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